Marcel Alexander


I am Marcel Alexander, Mr. Livelifelite. Built from the gritty streets of Queens,NY and molded from the hospitality of Stone Mountain, GA, I've been blessed to create within the boundaries of both worlds. I am a man wanting to piece together a legacy for my family and friends through my interactions with those who understand the element of living "lite".  Raised in a single parent home, loosing my mom to cancer, and constantly battling everyday challenges, I want my family (you) to know that you are not alone. Live Life Lite, the brand, is about expressing yourself within a society that doesn't have the desire to understand you. From the clothes I create to the music I share, I want everyone to understand how important their ideas are. We aren't ourselves until we fully commit to our passions and that is what this website is about, my journey of inspiring others through my growth of achieving my dreams.  We only have this one chance to live the best way we know how.

Let's keep it Lite.

Marcel has worked with producers Fade Majah and Kip Hilson. Fade has production credits for Bryson Tiller, Rihanna, and the show Empire, while Kip has production credits for the Migos, Young Thug and T.I. 

dlp cover art final .jpg

Dream Love Party

by Marcel Alexander

Dream Love Party Ep is an expression of through music of three important words that Marcel lives by. Dream, Love, and Party is something everyone should experience. Just experience with the DLP EP in the back drop.

News & Updates

Dream Love Party Instillation was a SUCCESS

 Jack of All Trades was fun

Jack of All Trades was fun

 Great Show

Great Show